Abuse Claims

Abuse ClaimsOur specialist solicitors have vast experience in assisting clients not only claim compensation, but also in helping clients rebuild their lives following past traumatic events. We have been successful in claims involving child abuse, elder abuse and we currenty act on behalf of a number of clients subject to abuse whilst detained in Medomsley Detention Centre. 


We understand that you may have blocked out or have difficulty recalling certain events. We will do our best to make the claims process as easy as possible by listening to your story, advising you accordingly and keeping you updated every step of the way.


We appreciate the sensitivity of each and every claim and will act with the utmost discretion and integrity. We will not pressurise you, will lend a sympathetic ear and will put you in touch with support groups if you need.


Recent Court rulings and the Limitation Act 1980 make it possible to make a claim and seek justice even if the abuse you suffered was many years ago. Here at McKeag & Co we will act on your behalf on a no win no fee basis.


If you wish to discuss making a claim please contact our Multi track team on 0191 213 1010 or use our online enquiry form to arrange a free, confidential appointment.