Collaborative Law

CollaborativeWhat is Collaborative Family Law?


Collaborative Family Law allows you to sort out issues that arise in your relationship without you having to attend court, and is often more cost effective than a contested court based approach.


What does it involve?


It is a different type of process as it involves you in a ‘team approach’. The Team of 2 lawyers, you and your partner and other chosen professionals, work together in a series of Four Way Meetings which the whole Team attends.


At the first meeting the Team signs a document called a Participation Agreement which binds you all to the process, and the concept of ‘no contested court solutions’.


There is no unnecessary paperwork, no court attendance, and a minimum of correspondence between the lawyers.

Who can use the  Collaborative Law process?


Anyone who does not wish to go to court for a court imposed solution or order.


Sue McArthur is the Family Partner at McKeag and Co and is a trained Collaborative Family Lawyer.If you would like our Brighter Future Information Pack then Sue can be contacted on 0191 213 1010.


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