Legal Aid

Legal Aid Funding from April 2013
From 1 April 2013 a new Legal Aid Scheme was introduced in relation to family work which includes things like divorce and separation, finances and children - from this date Legal Aid for legal work for those types of case has been restricted. You can only get Legal Aid for these types of cases, even if you would be financially eligible, if you have formal evidence that you have suffered from Domestic Abuse.


Mediation for these types of issues is not restricted. 


Legal Aid for injunctions and children issues where social services are involved is not restricted.  


We offer an initial fixed fee appointment for £120 plus VAT for those clients who do not qualify for legal aid.

Please contact the Family Department on 0191 213 1010 or on


We offer Legal Aid Mediation and Legal Aid for some Legal Work in certain circumstances.


If you wish to see if you are likely to qualify for Legal Aid financially visit

Will I qualify for Legal Aid?

Your gross income including a partner's income if you live with them, and any benefits cannot be above £2,657 a month or £31,884 a year.

Your disposable income cannot exceed £733 a month or £8,796 a year. Your disposable income is your gross income from all sources less tax, national insurance, rent or mortgage (capped if you don't have dependent children), less an allowance if you work of £45 and less an allowance for each child for which you claim child benefit (which changes annually) currently £291.49, and any child support that you pay or child care costs that you pay because you work.

Your capital is also taken into account (even if you are in receipt of benefits) including the equity in your home or any other property that you own. After all allowances and deductions it cannot exceed £8000. The way to calculate whether the equity in your house takes you outside of scope is complicated and would need to be formally assessed. The allowances can be up to £200,000 but they are strictly applied, and the maximum can only be applied in certain circumstances.

Domestic Abuse

Please use the following links to find the relevant letter so you can ask for the Evidence that you will need to show Domestic Abuse:


Please use the following linkto find the relevant letter that the person that you are asking for evidence ofDomestic Abuse can use, to provide the information that you are seeking, sothat you can provide it to your solicitor: