Contested Wills

Contested ProbateWhen somebody dies their estate, which is all of their property including land, personal possessions, money and shares etc passes either under their will if they have been sensible enough to make a will or through their intestacy if they have not made a will.

If they have made a will and the estate is divided up in accordance with their wishes under the will, if they have not made a will then the law decides how their estate is divided up.  

It is possible that these arrangements either through the will or through the intestacy do not properly provide for you and that you should have been given more of the estate than you are going to get.  In these circumstances we can help you by bringing a claim that you are given a bigger proportion of the estate. 

If you require any advice or assistance on the possibility of challenging a will in this way then please contact us on 0191 213 1010 or alternatively please use the contact form.